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    Ankaranska c. 3A
    6000 Koper

    m2 Centermanagement, upravljanje trgovskih centrov d.o.o.
    Jurčkova cesta 223
    1000 Ljubljana

    Boštjan Hrabar
    +386 5 611 6470

    Katja Zaplotnik
    +386 1 428 88 83

    Company HQ

    CUP I d.o.o.
    Leskoškova cesta 2
    1000 Ljubljana
    VAT number: SI17222176
    Matična številka: 6886990000



    g. Fabrizio Šalinger
    +386 40 327 000

    Elektromont d.o.o. is a company rendering electrical installations of all types and maintaining buildings. The company dates back to 2004. With the development of the industry over the years, company activities have expanded, and the number of company employees grew. There is a maintenance officer always present at the centre during opening hours and emergency service provided outside opening hours.



    Mr. Zoran Vovk
    041 358 735

    Sintal is the only security company rendering security services throughout Slovenia without subcontractors and providing comprehensive services for the protection of persons and property as well as building management. There is an intervention team available at the shopping centre 24/7.


    Akiir Agencija

    g. Damjan Dekleva
    +386 40 888 300

    Marketing activities have been entrusted to Akiir, a creative agency specialising in marketing and event organisation. It provides all marketing activities and is particularly proud of almost 500 events organised in the 15 years of the centre’s operations. It has a team of top and innovative experts who love their work.

    Welcome park center!

    As the centre of the coastal region, Koper is a relaxed town erected at the crossroads of cultural, economic and transport routes. Revetas Group and m2 Centermanagement add to this successful shopping story. It makes us very proud to have built the first shopping centre on the coast called Supernova 15 years ago; thus laying the foundations for a pan-Slovenian brand and leaving a mark on Slovenian shopping. This fall, however, we are looking forward to a new start under a new name and with a renewed image of the Park Center. You will learn more about the plans, appearance and activities in the following pages.

    Thank you Supernova and welcome Park Center! Be a part of the Park Center family and feel special!

    Boštjan Hrabar, Centre Manager



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